Welcome to Bongo-Bongo!

We provide seriously silly, interactive pre-school music sessions, brilliant bespoke birthday parties and awesome events for 0-5 year olds.

We struggle to pigeon-hole ourselves but here goes...

You want music? We do music.
We will delight your little ones with high energy music sessions, ahhh no sometimes we bring the mood down to a lovely, magical, tingly calmness.

Ok, so you like dancing? We do dancing!
Yes, even little tiny babies love a good boogie.

Action song did I hear you think? We are crazy about action songs!

Banging and shaking one of your favourite pastimes? Great. Snap!
We have loads of percussion to help us be as noisy as humanly possible for at least 2 songs!

You want puppets do you? Well well well...
This is something we class as a rather closely guarded Bongo Bongo secret but you never know who might be hiding behind the Bongo Bongo house each week, ready to pop out and say "hello", or "Hola" or "Bonjour" or "Buon giorno" or "Merhaba". I could go on.

What was that? You just fancy playing with a big floaty parachute? Who doesn't?!

We really are a singy, dancey, stompy, laughy group for babies and big kids.

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Venue Change

added 27.04.2016

As of THIS FRIDAY the 29th April Bongo Bongo will no longer be at the Willowbrook. As most of you know the room is very small,


The Bongo Bongo Boom Box

What people are saying about Bongo Bongo...

I LOVE my Friday mornings now. It's like being part of Cbeebies

- Sarah (Nanny to two children)


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