Party Time!

Bongo Bongo Parties are specially tailored to your little one's age and interests. Be it a 4 year old who loves aliens, a 2 year old who loves sparkles or 1 year old who can't get enough of clocks, we will be sure to create an exciting themed party full of all the things your child loves the most.

We will bring along the Bongo Bongo House and take a peek behind each window to see who is hiding there. Each window leads us to more action songs, games or perhaps even a puppet friend or two. Your children will use their own magic powers to help Petula (our Bongo flower) grow before your very eyes. There is sure to be some floaty parachute fun, and what's a party without percussion for every little hand? Followed by switching all the lights off and shutting all the curtains and then...YEY!...on goes the disco ball for a serious BONGO BOOGIE!

Bongo Bongo Parties are typically £110 for 1 hour

DJ Mikey Monkey and the Bongo Bongo Crew Parties

No one throws a party like DJ Mikey Monkey! Discos for little ones don't come cooler than this. If you are running an event or simply want to treat your little one to an extra special birthday party this year then here is the one to go for.

Please contact us to discuss your options.

There are many variables but packages start from £180


Venue Change

added 27.04.2016

As of THIS FRIDAY the 29th April Bongo Bongo will no longer be at the Willowbrook. As most of you know the room is very small,